The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep is the provincial mammal of Alberta and the state animal of Colorado. Join the Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta to help with their preservation. Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta
To promote and enhance increasing populations of indigenous wild sheep in Alberta through the funding of programs that support
responsible wildlife management, conservation education, youth involvement and the preservation of our hunting heritage.
Bighorn sheep live in large flocks, and do not typically follow a single leader ram. It is during the prerut period that most of the characteristic horn clashing occurs between rams, although this behavior may occur to a limited extent throughout the year.
Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta was started in 1999 and is a proud member of the National Wild Sheep Foundation. WSFA is a member-driven organization that connects hunting guides and outfitters, wildlife researchers, habitat conservationists, sportsmen and women, and the general public. Our two major fundraising events take place in the spring in the communities of Red Deer and Edson Alberta. With continued downsizing of government agencies, more onus is being placed on conservation organizations to initiate, manage and fund wildlife and habitat enhancement programs. Past issues of the WSFA newsletter are posted for your reading enjoyment. Check back often as we update our photo gallery on a regular basis. Becoming a member of Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta is an opportunity to be involved in an organization dedicated to the promotion and funding of sound wildlife management practices. Please note that in no way does WSFA necessarily endorse views and opinions expressed on these outside links, as those views are strictly those of the site owners. Your Board would like to hear from you, and listen to any suggestions or ideas you might want to run by them.
Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta was started in 1999 and is a proud member of the National Wild Sheep Foundation. This foundation became the fastest-growing wildlife conservation organization of its kind. WSFA is committed to the positive management of wild sheep. We invite you to help us in our efforts. If you have any questions or ideas for wildlife management in Alberta, please contact us.

"Together we can Ensure the Future of Wildlife"


  • YOUTH HUNTER CAMP - It's time to register for the 2017 Youth Hunter Sheep Camp! The summer camp is held at Beaver Mines west of Pincher Creek, June 9-11. This weekend camp is for kids from the ages of 11 to 17. More Information and Application Forms here. Space is limited and is filled on a first come first serve basis.

  • MEET YOUR NEW BOARD - The 2017-2018 Board of Directors was elected at the AGM in March. Thanks to everyone who stepped up to the plate and let their names stand.

  • OUTDOOR ADVENTURE CAMP - Hey kids! It's time to apply for the 2017 Outdoor Youth Adventure Camp, held in Dupuyer, Montana from August 2 - 6. The Boone and Crockett Club's Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch will be full of children age 12-17 this summer. All you have to do is tell us why you want to attend! Poster | Application Form

  • BOYCE PRESENTATION TO WSFA - Dr Mark Boyce (U of A and ACA) recently attended a WSFA board meeting. We are pleased to provide his presentation here for our members' enjoyment. In addition, we share Mr. Boyce's article from the April 2016 Alberta Outdoorsman magazine.

  • "MAMMAL REVIEW" PERSPECTIVE - Marco Festa-Bianchet from the Sherbrooke University Biology Department in Québec has written an interesting article about selective hunting ... when does it begin, how can we tell, and what we should do about it. Read it here.

  • LIBERAL ANIMAL RIGHTS BILL - We are sharing some documents that will be of interest to our members:

  • LIFE MEMBERS - There has been an error in the recent newsletter regarding the WSFA Life Members List. The one listed is older and incomplete. Please accept our apologies for this oversight, and refer to the current listing here. If you are a life member with WSFA, and do not see your name listed, please contact a director or our Rocky Mtn office.

  • MEMBERSHIP FEES - Attention Members! Your yearly membership fees are due January 1st each year. Please contact the Rocky Mountain Office to renew and update your contact information including email address.

  • Mark S. Boyce & Josh Killeen from the University of Alberta have prepared a document on Bighorn Harvest Management in Alberta. This analysis of the bighorn harvest data has a focus on the Pelletier et al. (2014) analysis. Interpretation of the results is very different, reinforcing the need to manage herds using non-trophy harvests. They propose to undertake a 5-year research program to experimentally implement cougar harvests in ⅓ of the bighorn WMUs, non-trophy harvests at 1987 levels in another ⅓, and to maintain the remaining ⅓ of the WMUs under the current harvest management regimen.

  • MOUNTAIN GOAT MANAGEMENT - Dr Valerius Geist has given permission to WSFA to share a chapter draft on a book he is working on. His observations are spot on, and can be extended and applied to other mountain ungulates, but the Goat's uniqueness is very well demonstrated. Enjoy the read.

  • WILD SHEEP IN NORTH AMERICA - Dr Valerius Geist has given Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta permission to publish his 1974 paper, "On the Management of Mountain Sheep: Theoretical Considerations". Please note the warning concerning copyright restrictions.

  • FIRE POSITION STATEMENT - Fire's natural role is crucial for sustainability and health of wildlife habitat, particularly in Alberta's mountain regions. The Wild Sheep Foundation of Alberta feels decades of fire suppression have altered the range health and biodiversity, which can negatively impact Bighorn Sheep, through range loss and resource competition. Read More Here | Prescribed Fires in Clearwater (map)

  • SEND US YOUR STORY - Have a good hunting tale to tell? We're always looking for short stories & pictures for our quarterly magazine. Send to

The Less than One membership is open ONLY to those aspiring sheep hunters who have not yet taken a North American or International wild sheep ram. Aspiring sheep hunters who have not yet fulfilled the lifelong dream of taking their first ram are members of an exclusive group, the <1 Club. WSFA applauds those who faithfully and optimistically apply for a sheep license year after year, who continue to buy raffle tickets for hunts at our annual banquet, and who work with us to "Ensure the Future of Wildlife".

Annual membership in the <1 Club is only $25. As a member, you can win trips, drawn for each year by the Wild Sheep Foundation. Please click here for details.

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3rd Prize-Marty Krushelniski of Macklin, Saskatchewan Ticket 1059

2nd Prize-Wayne Bowd of Lacombe, Alberta Ticket 2459

1st Prize-Kevin Wiebe of Coaldale, Alberta Ticket 2769


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