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Alberta News

  • FOUND RAM IS NEW WORLD'S RECORD - A bighorn sheep killed in a highway collision in Alberta has the largest horns ever recorded for the species. On March 6, 2015, Boone and Crockett Club measurers certified the specimen as a new World's Record. Read all about it here.
    • DEATH & LIFE OF THE WORLD'S BIGGEST RAM - On the night of January 19, 2010, a vehicle on Highway 940 west of Longview struck a bighorn sheep. Jennifer Allford for Calgary Herald's Swerve magazine tells a story of what the ram has taught us about "friendship", coalitions and other social aspects of a ram's life that were unknown to science. Read the Story Here.
    • WORLD RECORD CAPTURES RESEARCHER'S HEART - Kathreen Ruckstuhl followed 'ram 706' from his birth to his death. Read the Story Here.

  • FISH AND WILDLIFE OFFICERS NAB BIGHORN SHEEP POACHERS - On July 29, 2015, two people pleaded guilty in Hinton Provincial Court to charges surrounding the poaching of a bighorn sheep in November 2014. Article here

  • DOMESTIC VS WILD SHEEP DISEASE IN BC - The following articles are good reading material regarding domestic vs wild sheep disease and contact, and what is going on in BC to help prevent this. This is a good starting place for what we are proposing here in Alberta.

  • WSFA PRESENTED WITH PLAQUE - Chris Sutherland, Vice President of Central Alberta Archers Association, presented this plaque to WSFA Vice President, Dallas Cota, in thanks for our recent donation. The funds will be used to buy new bows, arm guards and target butts for their junior program.

  • Bighorn Sheep Ram found in the spring of 2014 at Cadomin, officially scored at 209 3/8" gross, 209 1/8" net. Both sides measure over 45". First three measurements are over 15", third quarter 11 7/8". Following the Boone and Crockett Club's mandatory 60-day drying period, the ram's horns lost an astounding four inches in net score. The original scorers reconvened to find that every measurement was smaller on both horns. Still, with a final score of 205 7/8, the ram ranks No. 5 all time. It has been entered into Boone and Crockett records on behalf of the citizens of Alberta. Please visit our Facebook page to see some pictures.

  • 2015 ALBERTA ORDER OF THE BIGHORN AWARD - http://esrd.alberta.ca

  • LETHBRIDGE COLLEGE PETE McMAHON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - The Lethbridge College Pete McMahon Memorial Scholarship was established in partnership with the Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta. This scholarship will be awarded to a student in the final year of Conservation Management in recognition of his/her keen interest in the preservation of hunting heritage, game management and conservation, ensuring that Pete's legacy continues. Background | Scholarship Details

  • On February 28th, 2013 Alberta Fish and Wildlife advised that they would not be moving forward with proposed regulation changes regarding sheep management in Alberta. This is the result of a number of Alberta organizations, including Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta, not supporting changes that would result in lost hunting opportunity until we have been given additional time to look at other options to address concerns regarding decline in number and quality of trophy rams in Alberta. At this point it appears that there will be no changes for the 2013 and 2014 sheep seasons.

  • CADOMIN TRANSPLANT PROPOSAL 2014/15 - The Ram Mountain population of bighorn sheep has been the subject of research on the ecology, evolution and management of this species since 1971. Click here for information on the upcoming Alberta Sheep Capture and Ram Mountain Transplant.

Industry News
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Kathreen Ruckstuhl followed 'ram 706' from his birth to his death - March 2015

Cadomin Ram Makes Top 5 - June 2014
2014 Wild Sheep Foundation Convention Sets Net Proceeds Record!

Wildlife Officials Airlift Sheep To Manage Numbers - February 2012
New York hunter paid $300,000 for this year's Montana special auction license - February 2012

Wild Sheep Society calls for stiffer penalties for poachers in BC - December 2011
Wild Sheep Foundation Helps Reintroduce Desert Bighorns - December 2011
Big horned sheep hunters in crosshairs of B.C. conservation officers - December 2011
Pneumonia found in bighorn sheep near Corwin Springs - December 2011
Biologists use helicopter to collar sheep - December 2011
Big money bill could restrict bighorn management - November 2011
Pack goats prohibited in Shoshone National Forest to protect bighorn sheep - November 2011
Sheep plan spells trouble for bighorns - November 2011
Nevada Moves 235 Sheep! - October 2011
Bighorn sheep to be re-introduced to Virginia Range - October 2011
Vaccine for bighorn sheep still 10 years away - October 2011
Group tries to stop bighorn sheep rider - October 2011
Vaccine is no Silver Bullet for Big Horn Sheep - October 2011
Bighorn Sheep Dialogue, Idaho Public Television - October 2011
How Climate Change May Shrink Species - October 2011
Mingling populations will kill wild sheep - October 2011
Alberta Finance Minister says mining proposal should wait - January 2011
Wild Sheep Foundation to auction 33 special permits - January 2011

Pneumonia persisting in Anaconda Montana Bighorns - September 2010
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Status Report - Summer 2010

Bighorn Sheep Transplant for Ram Mountain - Update - December 2005
Poachers take Banff Bighorn - November 2004
Bighorn Sheep Transplant for Ram Mountain - October 2004

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2014 Summer/Fall Issue

Bighorns spend their summers
high in the alpine zone on
grass-covered slopes.

Bighorns are the largest of all North American wild sheep. Adult rams weigh up to 135 kgs (300 pounds), but adult ewes are much smaller, averaging 70 kgs (150 lbs).

Bighorn sheep are brown to grayish brown in colour, with light underparts and an obvious, light rump patch. Muzzle is white.

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