Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta and Guinn Outfitters Ltd. collaborated to start this award in 2009, with the recipient being announced at the yearly banquet.

Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta advertises and promotes this award on its web page and at events and the annual banquet.

Guinn Outfitters Ltd. Supplies the trophy buckle for the winner.

The award will presented at the Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta annual banquet. The winner is selected by two Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta directors and a member of the Guinn family.

Contest Rules:

  • Must be 17 years of age or younger at date animal was harvested;
  • Any North American big game animal can be entered (taken under authority of a legal hunting licence);
  • Boone and Crockett Fair Chase rules apply;
  • The Youth's family must have a membership in good standing with Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta;
  • The B&C Score sheet along and a short essay must be submitted (criteria for the essay includes a brief description of the youth hunter, a short story on who has influenced him or her in their participation in outdoor activities, and a report on their actual hunt) and the essay must be accompanied by field photos of the trophy and the hunt if available;
  • The winner will have their essay and field photos published in the Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta newsletter.

Entries are to be submitted to [email protected] and include "Alvin Guinn Youth Hunter Memorial Award" in the subject line.

The intent of the “Alvin Guinn Youth Hunter of the Year Memorial Award” is to acknowledge a youth for practising Fair Chase hunting and conservation, and for Guinn Outfitters Ltd. And Wild Sheep Foundation Alberta to promote youth participation in outdoor activities.

This is a contest, not a competition. While the B&C score will be a consideration, the content of the essay will be just as important in the selection of a winner.

Congratulations to this years winners: 

Conner Watts

Conner watts