1st prize will be an Olson’s Silver belt buckle.

There will also be 3 Honorable Mentions.

There is both a Rifle and Archery category for the awards program.

The scores of the ram will be divided against the B&C All-Time Minimums or the P&Y Minimums for the highest percent.


Submit your entries to [email protected] and include "WSFA Ram Awards" in the subject line.


B&C All Time Minimums are:

  • Big Horn 180
  • Desert 168
  • Stone’s 170
  • Dall’s 170

P&Y Minimums used are:

  • Big Horn 140
  • Desert 120
  • Stone’s 120
  • Dall’s 120

All entered rams will have to have an Official 60 day dry B&C score sheet and photo of the ram sent in to WSFA. All rams entered must have been taken legally and the hunter must be a member in good standing with WSFA at the time of the harvest.

Congratulations to this years winners:

2017 Largest Rifle Ram - Darren Thomson - Stone - 155 7/8"

Largest Ram Rifle

2017 Largest Archery Ram - Tom Foss - Dall - 160 4/8"

tom foss

2017 Honourable Mention Archery Ram - Tom Foss - Desert - 157 0/8"

tom desert

2017 Honorable Mention Archery Ram - Dave Van Belleghem - 149 1/8" 

dave dall